Monday Night League

Rain Policy

If a Monday Night League week has some inclement weather, the following will be used to determine whether the night will be played.


1. Any lightning in the vicinity of the golf course, golf will be suspended immediately. If the lightning continues, the week will be cancelled.

2. If lightning is on the horizon or radar shows the lightning approaching, play will be suspended at the most appropriate time.

3. The horn will sound if lightning is in the area, players are to return to the clubhouse when instructed.


1. If rain persists for the day, a posting as determined by League Convenor, will be placed on the Monday Night League website by 4PM cancelling the golf night.

2. If rain is intermittent, golf will be played on those nights.

3. If a night is cancelled and the weather clears before league would have started, as long as 70% of the league is present, the night will count.

4. Golfers wishing to play on cancelled nights may do so, but no points will be awarded. (The only exception is on nights where lightning is present).


1. If wind is so strong that golfers are in danger from falling trees or blowing debris, play will be suspended and/or cancelled.


If a week is cancelled due to inclement weather, as far as the schedule is concerned, that week will not be used. The following week will continue according to the schedule established.


Policy effective date : May 2016