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Thank you for choosing to book on-line! Our on-line booking system provides and easy to use and "great price" guarantee.

You are able to book 7 days in advance.

Step #1 - Choose your desired date

Step #2 - Choose your time and click "book now"

Step #3 - Choose your rate and # of golfers

Step #4 - "Log in" if you have booked before or set a new log in if this is your first time

Step #5 - you will be charged a small fee to book which is part of your total amount owing (it will be reduced from your amount at the golf shop when you arrive on your day of play). This fee is not in addition to your fee that was shown on the web. This means you will have to provide your credit card when booking. The remaining amount will be due when you play.

If you have any questiosn, please call 613-477-1831 to talk to our golf shop staff. Thank you for booking at Trillium Wood Golf Club.




At Trillium Wood Golf Club, rates will be adjusted in real-time, based on demand, availability and other changing factors (yes, even Mother Nature plays her role in this new strategy). With rates changing in real-time, dynamic pricing puts you in the driver’s seat—giving you the chance to find the best rate and time that works for you.

At Trillium Wood Golf Club, greens fee pricing is determined by thorough analysis of specific metrics, competition, daily utilization of tee times, day parts (a period of time during the day of high or low demand), weather and other factors. Dynamic pricing is also determined through online traffic analytics, website page views, online booking rates, rounds comparisons and how this all correlates to walk-in, call-in, league, outing and membership play.

What does dynamic pricing mean for the golf consumer? In a nutshell, more affordable and accessible golf.  While the most sought after day parts may be at a standard rate, the vast majority of tee times will be available at rates never seen before in the Belleville market.  Dynamic pricing puts you, the golfer, in control, offering the right TIME, to the right PERSON, at the right PRICE!

The only place you can find the best rate at Trillium Wood Golf Club is right here on OUR web page!