Ladies Quota League (Thurs AM)
LADIES QUOTA LEAGUE - Thursday Morning


Open to all Members and non-members (green fees apply to non members).


Play is 18 Holes every Thursday, starting May 5 to approximately Sep 29 at Trillium Wood Golf Course (and occasionally at their Sister Course Roundel Glen Trenton -formerly CFB Trenton) 


Tee Times will be between 8:30 am - 10:30am, depending on the seasonal weather.

Sign up weekly on the Thursday prior, or no later than Mon prior each week.

No minimum games required to be part of this league.
No League Fees Required.  A $ 2.00 weekly "winners pot" and .50 maximum penalty fee  (Big Bucks!).

Quota League


This is a quota league format.  Your personal quota will be determined based on your own scores averaged over your last 3 Thurs league games . You play your own 18 hole game in a group (pre-assigned), and your own quota will be determined weekly based on your own scores. The $2.00 weekly fee will be ditributed weekly to the winners (top 2 or 3 ladies). The winners are determined by how well you play compared to your own quota requirment. No handicap or GAO card is required.
We are a small group of ladies who enjoy this great sport, the wonderful outdoors, and fun camaraderie.


ALL ARE WELCOME.....For More Information or to join this league, please contact Pam Munro or call 613-848-7738
Hope to see you on our Links!