Monday Morning Men's League



Greetings Gentlemen,


The results are in for Monday June 18th. I apologize if the pace was a little slow; we were supposed to be a front nine start instead of a back. Fortunately Ray and Kyle did a pretty good job managing my mistake and the morning went as smooth as it could possibly get despite the thick energy sucking humidity. We will be back nine again next week. Blind pairings were based on combined handicaps and were evened out to the lowest pairing of a total 22 handicap factor. The total purse was $150 with $15 carried over from last weeks missing closest. 


1st Place - Jeff Merrill & Jim Boyle - $50

2nd Place - John Smith & Al Bell - $30

3rd Place - Howard McCarthy & Harvey Chisholm - $20


Low Gross Flight A - Jack Pollock - 75 - $10

Low Gross Flight B - Howard McCarthy - 78 - $10


Closest to the Pin - #8 - Jeff Merrill - $15

Closest to the Pin  - #14 - John Needham - $15 


Blind Pairing Results June 18th 2018 V2





This upcoming Monday June  25th we will be running a wild new event. This is a partner event. You will be partnered up and I will play if need be to have an even number. The format is holes 1-6 Better Ball, 7-12 Best Ball, and 13-18 Alternate Shot. Everyone will play from the white tees. Thought I would mix things up since it's Monday and Monday has a bad reputation but  Trillium does not subscribe to such nonsense. Have a great week and see you on Monday. 





Ian McAnsh



 Handicap List June 19th 2018 

 Handicap List June 19th 2018









Players are assumed to be playing each week unless they indicate otherwise. If you are not able to play you must email the golf shop by midnight on Wednesday, otherwise you will be scheduled. If you are scheduled (schedule comes out on Friday) and unable to attend you must find a replacement for the following Monday.

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