Monday Morning Men's League

 Tee Times for Monday August 28th , 2017


 Greetings Gentlemen, This week we will be playing Format 3, 2 Man Scramble. Please let me know if you're unable to make your time so the pairings can be adjusted accordingly. This is also a work in progress, I ran out of time so the past weeks results and pairings for upcoming Monday will be posted Saturday. The times posted for are subject to change, so please check back in before you come out Monday Morning.  


8:50 Gary Hannaford Roger Ling Steve Gatward Shawn Rushlow
8:59 Jack Pollock Russ Stephens Rob Couch John Zandbergen
9:07 Keith Woodman  Mike Browning Grant Conroy Cam Walker
9:16 Jeff Merrill Dave Beale Gerry Jowett Chris Ripley
9:24 Peter Fargey Don Warren Ron Riley John Edgar 
9:33 Barry Cross Bob Simpson Edward James Howard McCarthy




Results from Monday August 14 2017 


Low Gross - Flight A - Cam Walker - 74 - $15.00

Low Net First Place  - Flight B - John Zandbergen - 89 Gross - 64 Net - $15.00

Low Net Second Place - Flight B - Mike Browning - 83 Gross - 66 Net - $10.00


Skins - 1 total - $8.00

Chris Ripley Hole 2 - $30.00 




Total Prize Fund YTD = $187.00  






Monday Morning Men’s League


The 2017 Monday Morning Men’s League will begin on Monday, May 8th 2017. Tee times will begin at 9am and we will run consecutive times until the last group tees off. Players are asked to submit their handicaps upon registration in order to accommodate a fair pairing during league play. We will begin the year with a few experimental trial formats and will see how we move the league forward based on feedback from the players.

Format 1: Blind draw: Players will be drawn on the Friday prior and paired up with another player in the opposite handicap flight. Players will play their own ball with zero knowledge of who their partner is until the round is finished. Prizes awarded for: Low gross pairs, Low net pairs, skins, and closest to the pin.

Format 2: 18 hole skins game. Players will play their own ball against their flight. A flight includes all players with a handicap of 12 and under. B flight will include all players with a handicap of 13 and over. Prizes will be awarded for skins, low net A, and low net B.

Format 3: 2-man scramble. Each player shoots and then play from the best ball of the two shots. Teams will be selected on the Friday prior and drawn based on handicaps. Flight A will be paired with Flight B unless the numbers aren’t even then we will base the pairings according to previous league performance. Prizes awarded for low gross, and closest to the pins.  

Format 4: 2-man Better ball. Two man teams will be drawn on the Friday prior. Players will play together and play their own ball. The best score on the hole between the two players will be posted. Prizes will be awarded for low gross pairs, skins, and closest to the pins

Players with handicaps of 12 or less will play blue tees. Players over 75 play from red tees. Others under 75 play from white tees.

Weekly entrance fee is $5 per player. All money goes towards prizes which will be issued the following Monday. All prize money will be distributed proportionately based on the number of players in the category.

Players are assumed to be playing each week unless they indicate otherwise. If you are not able to play you must email the golf shop by midnight on Wednesday, otherwise you will be scheduled. If you are scheduled (schedule comes out on Friday) and unable to attend you must find a replacement for the following Monday.

Monday Morning League

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