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Hello all,

The Monday league will start on Monday 8 May 2017 at 0900.

We finished last year with a fun event with limited clubs. I believe it was a success. Steve, Greg and I feel that we should start the year with another social event rather than a strictly skins game. This will give us the opportunity to adjust handicaps with a tournament score and not just use last year’s handicap to start the year. Also it will allow us to play with the scoring software. Another benefit will be that everyone who participates will be able to have an input into how they want the league to run.

The day will be treated as a senior opening. There will be a shotgun start at 0900. We will be starting on the back nine on the white tees. The group will have 3 flights with prizes for low gross and net. A unique system will be used to figure out handicaps. You will be advised prior to tee off of the system. It will not be callaway as I dislike it. Depending on the number of entries we will pay out more places. The par 3s will have closest to the hole prises. All monies collected will be given out as prizes.

If there is interest in skins we will have that game as well.

Entry fee for the day will be 8$. Skins for those wishing to play will be 5$.I hope everyone comes out to participate and enjoy lunch on the club. You do not have to be a committed Monday league player to participate in this event.

Come out and help us open the course.


Here are our general rules for the league.  If you have any questions please contact Steve at 613 477 1831. 

1.     Format is an 18-hole skins-game. Each individual plays against the field.

2.     Handicaps are computed and updated weekly by the scorekeeper.

3.     Foursomes and tee-times are determined by the Friday preceding the round and players can check their schedule on the web site or by calling the pro shop.

4.     Players are asked to confirm their presence on Mondays, for the following Monday. Players playing on Monday will be scheduled for the following Monday unless they inform the pro shop that they will not be in attendance for the following Monday.

5.   Captains are named for each foursome on a weekly basis. The captain will be the first name on the tee sheet.

6.   Captains collect $5.00 from each member of his group to be used to pay winners.

7.   Captains maintain the scorecard for the group and ensure league rules are followed.

8.   Scorecards to show actual strokes taken on a hole with no adjustment for handicap. Maximum score permitted on a hole is a triple bogey. If a pick up is made the hole score shall be left blank and a triple boggie score will be assigned by the official scorer. This will inform the official scorer that the person is not eligible for the low gross or low net score. If a quad is taken and scored the score will be entered and this will keep the player eligible for low gross or low net round skin.

9.   RCGA rules, supplemented by Local rules, apply.

10. Players with handicaps of 12 or less will play blue tees. Players over 75 play from red tees. Others under 75 play from white tees. On days starting on hole # 10 all players will play off white tees. As the year progresses white/blue and blue/gold tees may be used. Notice will be given the week prior.

11. Players over 75 years of age are permitted to play from the white tees at all times.

12. As individuals are playing against the field, ‘gimmes’ are not be permitted.

13. Prize money is determined after each round and paid out the following Monday on the basis of number of skins won

14. In case of inclement weather, the round is postponed to the following Monday.

15. In case of last minute cancellations, players are asked to contact the pro shop so that appropriate schedule amendments can be made.

Skin Information:

16. Skins are awarded on the basis of

a.   Best gross score on a hole

b.   Best net score on a hole

c.   Best gross score on the round

d.   Best net score on the round

17. Players may win one skin per hole and/or per round. In the case where a player wins both a net skin and a gross skin on the same hole, he is credited only for the gross skin. Similarly, if a player wins both low net and low gross scores for the round, he is credited only for the gross score

18. In computing net scores, based on the player’s handicap, the scorekeeper applies reductions to a maximum of 2 strokes on par 4’s and par 5’s and 1 stroke on any par 3 hole. Maximum number of handicap strokes that can be applied for any individual is therefore 31 for 18 holes.


Monday Morning Men's League



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