Trillium Wood "Player's Club" (Fri)


Trillium Wood Players Club 2018

Back by popular demand is the Trillium Wood Players Club. TWPC will play Friday events to accumulate points for the TWPC FED UP CUP 


Depending on the size of the field, points will be awarded to the teams/individuals for each event. Events will range from individual gross and net to team events such as blind better balls and modified alternate shot. Events will be decided from week to week. If you have any ideas for formats, please pass them on and they will be considered but keep in mind, we want to stay away from scramble events and events that limit the field (non-handicap events) as there are many people that participate that have higher handicaps.


August 31, 2018 - TWPC Championship - 2018 FINAL STANDINGS


2018 Fed Up Cup Champion 



TWPC August 31 2018








Number of Players

Points awarded by finishing position   

8 people or less

1st - 10 2nd -7 3rd -4    4th-6th - 2           

9 - 12 People

1st - 15     2nd - 12    3rd-9 4th - 7   5th-8th - 5         

13 - 18 People

1st - 20 2nd - 17     3rd - 14    4th - 11 5th - 8    6th-10th - 5       

19 People or More

1st - 25 2nd - 21 3rd - 17 4th - 14 5th - 11 6th - 9   7th-11th - 6    12th-16th - 3
Tee times will be around 130pm – 3pm. We work it on a first come, first serve basis based on the number of tee-times we have booked.

Entry fee is typically $15.00 with the following breakdown

-        $5.00 goes to the format prizes (placings will be determined by the number of people each week)

-        $5.00 goes to skins (skins again is dictated by the format – better ball, straight up, net better ball, etc.)

-        $5.00 goes to closest to the hole ($1 from each competitor is given to the person who is the closest on each of the five par threes)


Various events will be considered Major Events - points will be doubled on these events.


Major Events in 2018:


Opening Day - June 1st

Canada Day Championship - July 1

TWPC Championships - August 31 (Awarding of the Fed Up Cup)


If you know someone that may be interested in playing on the Friday afternoons, please forward this to them. If you wanted to be added to the distribution list, just forward me your email address to

We'll see everyone out at the golf course for some fun and good golf.


Jerry Traer

TWPC Organizer