Match Play


MATCH PLAY Championship






Open to all Members with a valid Handicap

(Golf Plan Members Included)

One Division for all competitors


Deadline for registering is June 23, 2017

Draw will be posted shortly thereafter

Entry fee is $20

All money collected will be given back to competitors via Trillium Wood Gift Cards.  



Each round will be allowed 10 days to complete.


Please do not enter if you will not be able to meet the requirements listed below.  


*  If you fail to complete your match within the designated time, the committee will determine who moves forward based on circumstances


1st Rd by July 3rd,  

2nd Rd by July 13th

3rd Rd by July 23th

4th Rd by August 2nd

5th Rd August 12th

6th Rd August 22nd

7th Rd, Sept 1st

8th Rd, Sept 11th

9th Rd. Sept 21st


The tournament is double knockout

(Subject to change based on registrants)

First match determines “Winners” or “Losers” side of the bracket

All subsequent matches are elimination

In final round “Loser” side champ must win 2 times over “Winner” side champ to claim the win

(Subject to change based on number of entrants)


Any matches  played outside your membership package will be charged at the Golf Plan Rate- $35 (Taxes In).


Thank you for your support


Please call or email, Jerry Traer or Greg Seemungal for further information.


Club Representative:        Greg Seemungal- 613-477-1831



Club Member Representative:  Jerry Traer-  613-921 5008